Founding Mothers & First Line

Our seventeen Founding Mothers came together and stayed together by choice in effort to create the first Latin Sorority in the nation. The Founding Mothers are more than historical icons to the sisterhood, they are distinguished professionals within their fields and they continue to contribute to their respective communities on the social, political, and educational level.


Ileana Almaguer

Cecilia Alvarez

Carmen Baez

Karen Capra

Doris Cruz

Arlene Fernandez

Eneida Figueroa

Maria Gautier

Teresa Gonzalez

Thomasa Gonzalez

Diana Ibarria

Lillian Marrero - Lambda Angel

Ofelia Oviedo

Linda Perez

Aurora "Dory" Rodriguez

Maria del Carmen Vega

Marilyn Wyatt

Their legacy of Unity, Love, and Respect has been carried by multiple generations of sisters over the past 35 years. Our Founding Mothers remain active with Lambda Theta Alpha. They participate in National, Area, and Chapter events, thus proving that Lambda Theta Alpha is indeed a sisterhood for life.  


Line One of Lambda Theta Alpha 

Another celebrated group of sisters are line one of Alpha Chapter, Fall 1979. These ladies played a significant role in the early years of the sorority. Line one continued the legacy that the Founding Mothers had set forth. Line One also helped build beautiful and rich traditions for Lambda Theta Alpha.

Yvonne Rosa-Miranda

Jenny Batista-Eby

Iris Rodriguez

Yvonne Mateo-Belmaachi