Area Executive Boards

The primary purpose of the Area Boards is to oversee and support all of our Chapters. These boards were created in order to give local groups of chapters in one state, or chapters within a particular region of a state, the guidance and supervision they need in order to function more effectively. The boards serve as a medium where sisters can form strong relationships with other chapters in close proximity as well as stay abreast of national issues. Currently there are 25 Area Boards:

Arizona / New Mexico Area 1

California Area 1

California Area 2

California Area 3

California Area 4

Connecticut Area 1

Florida Area 1

Florida South Area 2

Georgia Area 1

Illinois Area 1

Illinois Area 2

Maryland Area 1

Michigan Area 1

New Jersey North Area 1

New Jersey Central Area 2

New Jersey South Area 3

New York Area 1

New York Area 2

North Carolina Area 1

Pennsylvania Area 1

Tennessee Area 1

Texas Area 1

Texas South Area 2

Virginia Area 1

Washington / Idaho Area 1