Alumnae Chapters

The primary focus of alumnae chapters is to engage post-baccalaureate sisters in political, social, and community service activities within our communities. Alumnae Chapters are also committed to ensure the success of our Undergraduate chapters. Not only do they advise local chapters, they also sponsor workshops and conferences.

Interested alumnae of Lambda Theta Alpha who would like more information on how to become active and/or post-baccalaureate Interested Ladies who are not yet part of our organization but would like more information on how to join should contact the Director of Alumnae Affairs at

Below is a list of our current Alumnae Chapters.

Chapter Name


Email Address

Alpha Alpha

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Alpha Beta

Hartford, Connecticut

Alpha Gamma

Austin, Texas

Alpha Delta

Silver Spring, Maryland

Alpha Epsilon

New York, New York

Alpha Zeta

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Alpha Eta

Los Angeles, California

Alpha Theta

Seattle, Washington

Alpha Iota

Nashville, Tennessee

Alpha Kappa

Madison, Wisconsin

Alpha Lambda

Chicago, Illinois

Alpha Mu

Detroit, Michigan

Alpha Nu

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alpha Xi

Alexandria, Virginia

Alpha Omicron

Phoenix, Arizona

Alpha Pi

Boston, Massachusetts

Alpha Rho

Raleigh, North Carolina

Alpha Sigma

Atlanta, Georgia

Alpha Tau

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Alpha Upsilon

Orlando, Florida

Alpha Phi

Dallas, Texas

Alpha Chi

San Francisco, California

Alpha Psi

Denver, Colorado

Alpha Omega

Paterson, New Jersey